Delusional to False Existence - Single

by Throne Of The Beheaded



Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Noel Ruiz


released September 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Throne Of The Beheaded San Antonio, Texas

Throne Of The Beheaded was a Melodic Deathcore band from San Antonio, Texas.

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Track Name: Delusional to False Existence
I am a ghost within these walls.
I am a being without hope.
Created by your mechanical lies,
Strap me down, welcome to the show.

Renovating my thoughts and memories,
This life isn’t real, only on a TV screen.
I want to believe that I’m safe and secure,
But why is it when I sleep, everything fades to green?
I want the answer, I want the truth.
I want to know the darkness behind these lies.
So why?
Can’t I find myself?
When will I be safe?

This world is nothing but a gun held to my head,
And I am the bullet inside my skull.
It doesn’t matter if I’m already dead,
But why the fuck can’t I accept happiness?

Am I even real?

I’m not.

When the fuck did I let myself cease to exist,
In a false sense of reality.
If this is real, I want to find my way out.
Because this is hell, not a fucking city.

Suicide is just an escape from our minds,
And we are blind. (x2)

Just because I’m faded in reality,
Doesn’t mean that I’m any less human.
I wish that I felt real,
So I could feel my soul,
Leaving my lifeless corpse.
God, if you’re out there,
Give me a sign.
I want to be alive,
Feel alive,
Know this is real.

Pull the trigger,
Escape this,
Dreams of life,
Dance in grey.