Letters to You (feat. Niko Apostolakis of Until We Die)

from by Throne Of The Beheaded



Fuck I can't get you out of my head,
I hurt that it wasn't me.
I’m tired of staying up at night,
I'm tired and I wish to end my life.
You're the reason I'm like this,
You're the reason this world I live in is fucked.

I am lonely and without love.
You're the proof there is no god above.
I cry night after night,
I blame you for every sense of pain.
This is your fault.
This is your fucking fault.

I hate that I love you,
I hate that I'm left with nothing.
Do you realize what you've done? (realize what you've done)
I walk nights alone.
I should've known.
This was bound to happen,
I was meant to hurt.

This is a letter to you.
So that you may know your worth.
Ruining my life,
Stripping one friend away at a time.
Lies you've spoke,
I hope you choke.
I loved you so,
I hope you die painful and slow.

To me you were the light in my eye.
You were the sun in the skies.
And now you abandoned me.

I wish it were me dead..
..Fuck i wish it so.
I'm tired of the pain you caused.
Before you, I could live my life.
Now I can't do the things I love without the visions of you.
It should've been me.
She should be free.
Fuck you.
I loved you so,
Fuck you.
I loved you so.


from A Sunday In Salem, released May 30, 2017



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Throne Of The Beheaded San Antonio, Texas

Throne Of The Beheaded was a Melodic Deathcore band from San Antonio, Texas.

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